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Between Admission and School: Familiarize, Relax, and Arrive Early

Here's a response, from a student at a top MBA program who wishes to remain anonymous, to my question about what students wish they had known in the spring before starting b-school about how best to use the time between admission and arrival on campus:

Admitted students should spend their time before beginning b-school enjoying their summer and familiarizing themselves with basic economics and finance terminology and timely issues in business. This can be accomplished through MBA Math and supplemented by articles in the Wall Street Journal.

All the students that I know that took summer classes prior to b-school would not recommend the choice to others. They all seem to feel that the curriculums rarely address the same set of topics that will later be seen in business school.

As well as preparing for classes, and taking time for yourself, I recommend making sure you block off plenty of time to get settled at your new school because once classes start it will be incredibly difficult to work in personal time to finish unpacking, take care of administrative needs, etc.

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