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Math Prep Goals for Yale EMBA

Linda Craib writes in her BusinessWeek MBA Journal  about her plans to boost her quantitative skills before entering Yale's executive MBA program:

Because I'm a woman who has had an nontraditional path to business school, I am spending the next year of my life strengthening the quantitative skills I need to become a business leader. With degrees in nursing and art history, this time leading up to Yale provides me with a wonderful opportunity to further prepare academically. My goal for the coming year is to see the beauty of mathematics beyond simple calculation.

Incoming Students Build Quant Skills

Blogging has been slow while I've been getting admitted students ready for their summer pre-MBA quantitative preparations.  Cornell (Johnson), Dartmouth (Tuck), and Washington St. Louis (Olin) have purchased MBA Math subscriptions for all incoming students.  Georgetown (McDonough) will do so in the next day or so. 

Separately, admitted students from dozens of MBA programs have found their way to MBA Math on their own in recent weeks and are working through the twenty-two lessons covering Excel spreadsheets, finance, accounting, microeconomics, and statistics.  Students subscribing in the past six weeks will be attending the following prominent MBA programs in the fall: Boston College, Carnegie Mellon, Chicago, Columbia, Duke, Georgia Tech, Harvard, INSEAD, London Business School, MIT, Michigan, Purdue, Rice, Rochester, USC, Stanford, UT Austin, Wake Forest, William and Mary, and Yale.

Discussion boards and regular office hour online chats provide communication between students and me and among students.

Don't Underestimate Depth of Student Peer Backgrounds

Chad Troutwine, Yale MBA and founder of Veritas Prep, made the following comments about the depth of prior experience of fellow students in a podcast over at MBA Podcaster about Words of Advice from Recent MBA Grads:

I underestimated how hard some of my classmates really worked, but I really underestimated the depth of their background. When someone starts a MBA program they will be surrounded by people who have been working as investment bankers, people at top consultancies for the last several years. Much of the work will be very easy for those students. For those of us who came from very different kind of career path, in my case it was as an entrepreneur and real estate developer I was all of the sudden surrounded by people who had a leg up on me and my other classmates. We had to work a little bit harder to compensate for it but it can be done.

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MBA Quant Opens Up a Whole New World at Yale

Chad Troutwine, Yale MBA and founder of Veritas Prep, made the following comments about the quantitative rigor of MBA programs in a podcast over at MBA Podcaster about Words of Advice from Recent MBA Grads:

MBA programs are very quantitative maybe much more so than people would be lead to believe by simply reviewing the catalogues or looking at the material online. If you are, if a student is uncomfortable with math, the manipulation of numbers, the MBA program can be an excruciating experience. That doesn’t mean that it’s not rewarding for those people who aren’t naturally gifted with numbers, in fact it’s quite the opposite, it can be a real revelation and an incredibly satisfying experience for people who don’t have a deep quantitative background to grasp and understand all of these new tools. It really opens up a whole new world even for people who aren’t interested in pursuing a career that will have them manipulating numbers in some way as their sort of day to day responsibility.

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