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Use MBA Math to Arrive Prepared at Chicago (Booth)

Here is a testimonial from Joshua Izzard, finishing up his MBA at Chicago's Booth School and member of the MBA Math Board of Advisors, looking back at the MBA Math quantitative skills course:

I have just looked at the modules included in the MBA Math program and after going through Chicago Booth I am equally impressed with how correctly you chose and built the program for incoming students.

I reminded myself that I was incredibly busy when preparing to move to Chicago and the critical thing was to be really prepared for the beginning of class.

That being said, the fire hydrant that a Chicago MBA is trying to drink from gives very little time to review additional fundamental material during the MBA, and if you are reviewing it-- you're likely giving up on time that needs to be spent building relationships.

MBA Math Testimonial for Chicago

Here is a testimonial from Joshua Izzard, a first-year student at Chicago Graduate School of Business and member of the MBA Math Board of Advisors, about his pre-MBA use of the MBA Math online quantitative preparation course:

I am a first year full-time MBA student at Chicago GSB. I hold undergraduate- and graduate-level degrees from the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory, which I completed as a concert pianist--so it is true that people from all professions do go to top MBA programs.

In addition to my extensive performing career, I have many years of experience in entrepreneurship, finance (most recently as an equities trader) and direct investment in Russia, where I spent nine years after leaving my native United States. While my education up to MBA level had been entirely musical, I had considerable exposure to quantitative material at work and was thus not too unprepared for the rigors of an MBA.

As I had thought of going into investment banking after business school, I thought that Chicago GSB would be an excellent school to go to based on both its reputation in finance and on its placement rates. I have been consistently surprised by the quantitative rigor of courses at GSB, and have needed Excel in all of my classes thus far. Calculus has proven necessary in exactly half of my courses, statistics in all courses (in some form or another). I plan to expand on these comments on the MBA Quant blog.

My experience during the first two quarters at Chicago GSB has been immeasurably enhanced by the fact that I spent the time necessary to go through all of the sections and problems on MBA Math. In fact, I continue to use it as a reference or reminder of certain things even though we have gone into greater depth long since. I cannot recommend this course enough.

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Chicago GSB Recommends MBA Math

Chicago GSB's June newsletter to incoming students recommends MBA Math as a quantitative skills preparation resource.  I welcome feedback on Chicago students' experience with the material.

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Incoming Students Build Quant Skills

Blogging has been slow while I've been getting admitted students ready for their summer pre-MBA quantitative preparations.  Cornell (Johnson), Dartmouth (Tuck), and Washington St. Louis (Olin) have purchased MBA Math subscriptions for all incoming students.  Georgetown (McDonough) will do so in the next day or so. 

Separately, admitted students from dozens of MBA programs have found their way to MBA Math on their own in recent weeks and are working through the twenty-two lessons covering Excel spreadsheets, finance, accounting, microeconomics, and statistics.  Students subscribing in the past six weeks will be attending the following prominent MBA programs in the fall: Boston College, Carnegie Mellon, Chicago, Columbia, Duke, Georgia Tech, Harvard, INSEAD, London Business School, MIT, Michigan, Purdue, Rice, Rochester, USC, Stanford, UT Austin, Wake Forest, William and Mary, and Yale.

Discussion boards and regular office hour online chats provide communication between students and me and among students.

MBA Math Testimonial for Chicago

Here is a testimonial from a student admitted to Chicago GSB's Class of 2009 about his use of the MBA Math online quantitative preparation course:

I have just accepted an offer of admission from Chicago GSB, and feel far more confident about entering such a quant-heavy program after having worked my way through the MBA Math course. It is excellent, and entirely understandable, even to someone (like me) who had not seen many of the concepts presented since high school. Furthermore, a few things were entirely new to me, yet taught so clearly and logically (thank you for the appendixes and derivations) that I had no real problems.
MBA Math is a great value, I don't remember having ever gotten so much for $100.

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