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Incoming Students Build Quant Skills

Blogging has been slow while I've been getting admitted students ready for their summer pre-MBA quantitative preparations.  Cornell (Johnson), Dartmouth (Tuck), and Washington St. Louis (Olin) have purchased MBA Math subscriptions for all incoming students.  Georgetown (McDonough) will do so in the next day or so. 

Separately, admitted students from dozens of MBA programs have found their way to MBA Math on their own in recent weeks and are working through the twenty-two lessons covering Excel spreadsheets, finance, accounting, microeconomics, and statistics.  Students subscribing in the past six weeks will be attending the following prominent MBA programs in the fall: Boston College, Carnegie Mellon, Chicago, Columbia, Duke, Georgia Tech, Harvard, INSEAD, London Business School, MIT, Michigan, Purdue, Rice, Rochester, USC, Stanford, UT Austin, Wake Forest, William and Mary, and Yale.

Discussion boards and regular office hour online chats provide communication between students and me and among students.

Workload at Stanford

Marquis writes  in his blog about the first-year workload:

I know I've said this before (and I probably sound like a broken record by now), but B-school is no joke. If any of you have heard that B-school is all about networking and hanging, then you heard wrong. The GSB is putting us on the grind this week with a ton and a half of work. In addition to our regular preparations for our core classes (reading and cases, espcially in our Strategy class), we've got a group paper due in Marketing and a problem set due in Operations on Thursday and a problem set due in Finance on Friday. Plus, I've got a paper due tomorrow in my Nonpofits Management class. To make matters even tougher, my first interview is on Jan 31, so I've got to find time to put some major work in preparing for the consulting case interviews or else your boy is going to be without a summer internship.

He offers  some perspective on the workload at the end of his first year:

Finally, I have been told that I shouldn't have talked so much about how hard the work was for most of the year, but I fell victim to a tendency to care too much about grades instead of focusing on learning and enjoying the time at school. I didn't realize that I'd messed up there until 2 quarters into the school year, so I hope that others who've read my stories will have the right mindset coming in and will save themselves the stress of staying up until 2-3am every night trying to read every selection for each day's lectures.

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Fall exams at Stanford

Marquis writes in his blog  about his fall midterm exams:

After a little more than a week of grinding and hard work, I finally had my last midterm for the Fall quarter today and I feel like hitting the sack and it's only about 1pm. It all started last Wednesday morning with my final exam for the 1/2-quarter Organizational Behavior class. That was followed by my Accounting midterm on Thursday night, Economics midterm on Saturday morning, and then my Data & Decisions (Stats) exam this morning. At the beginning of the midterm period, I found myself stressing out like crazy because I didn't have command of the material, but, over the past week, I started realizing that I didn't need to know everything...I just needed to know enough to get a passing grade. Stanford has a non-grade disclosure policy, so the anthem around here is "grades don't matter". As long as you're learning and you score well enough to pass, you're in good shape. Now, that this last midterm is out of the way, I feel relaxed, but I can't let myself get too relaxed because I still have class tomorrow and I've got a ton of reading to do. There's no rest for the weary...

He also describes the time pressure of final exams:

But at least, I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I've hit my Finals period and had the first exam (in Econ) this morning from 8am to noon. I crammed like crazy last night, but my effort was futile because that test was a monster. The professor came in our test room at the beginning and told us that they thought the test was harder than the past couple of years' finals and he wasn't lying. Whew! I walked out of there feeling like I have a solid LP (low pass) coming when I see my grades in a couple of weeks. Oh well, there's no rest for the weary...I've got to get started cramming for my accounting exam now because that's coming up in about 15 hours.

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Math Camp at Stanford

Marquis writes in his blog  about his experiences at Stanford.  I'll start with his pre-MBA math camp experience:

At first, I was a little worried about being at Math Camp because of the possibility of there being a stigma attached to doing it, but I can look back and give major thanks to the folks in charge of it for giving me the invitation (I guess that's what calculus grades of B, B-, C+, and C in consecutive college semesters and a really lopsided GMAT score will get you :-)). There were 66 of us in the program and I was fortunate enough to meet just about everyone there...I can't think of anyone who didn't fall in the cool cat category and we all went out quite a bit so I know that these folks know how to have fun.


In terms of the classroom stuff, we reviewed Beginner's and Multivariable Calculus, Stats, Excel, and some other topics that are esacping my mind right now with prof. Paul Pfleiderer, who was one of the best professors that I have had in all of my years of school...this dude was The Truth. The Calculus review was good for me because it helped me wipe away the cobwebs that had developed in the 7 years since I took my last Calc. class at Princeton and the Stats stuff was NECESSARY because I've never had a stats class in my life. Once school starts, people may look at me sideways because I went to Math Camp, but I can smile knowing that spending that early week here helped me be ready for all of the stuff that I'll encounter here as we begin our Core classes at the end of September.

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